Every year, hundreds of women get together for a wonderful time of spiritual renewal, building friendships and developing a closer walk with God. We have retreats in English and in Spanish.  


2017 retiro De damas

15-17 DE SEPTIEMBRE 2017

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English-language Fall Retreat
September 22 - 24, 2017

Pine Summit Camp, Big Bear Lake, CA
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Views from Vicki


"Remember the wonders He has done, His miracles, and the rulings He has given.." Psalm 105:5

Vacation season has ended again...summer is over and fall is about to begin. It seems that there has to be a change of our mindset...we go from the long lazy (hectic) days of summer to the organized, dutiful days (also hectic) of fall!  However instead of concentrating on what is ahead...all the new beginnings that Fall avails us, I am choosing to look back at my summer, at a year half done, and all that God has done and shown me!  It is good to remember and reflect in order to move ahead!

God taught me to trust Him more this last half year as I researched and found a wonderful Christian home near us for my parents to move to for assisted living. What a journey of turns, waiting, trusting and activity of moving THREE TIMES!!

God taught me to minister and to have hospitality in the home He has given us.  In the 12 weeks of summer, we have had family and friends visit and stay in our home almost EVERY WEEK! It sounds overwhelming, but Jim and I have been blessed to invest time with family and friends and have great conversations and ministry with each one!  God always blesses the opening of your home if you do it for Him, with no expectations and with an attitude of love and kindness.

God also taught me rest and thankfulness.  I have had the opportunity of traveling this summer and yet enjoying every trip immersed in His Word and His beautiful creation and outstanding goodness!  Resting in Him is the best, and we must make, and take, time for this at least once a week as He taught us when He, OUR GREAT CREATOR, RESTED the 7th day of creation!

Have you taken a little time to "REMEMBER THE WONDERS HE HAS DONE..." for you this summer and this last half year before your Fall season sets in? 


Vicki Smith


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