Every year, hundreds of women get together for a wonderful time of spiritual renewal, building friendships and developing a closer walk with God. We have retreats in English and in Spanish.  


JUNE 23, 2018
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2018 retiro De damas

14-16 DE SEPTIEMBRE 2018

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English-language Fall Retreat
September 28 - 30, 2018

Pine Summit Camp, Big Bear Lake, CA
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Views from Vicki


"Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD and whose trust is the LORD. " Jeremiah 17:7 NASB

Total Reliance Understanding Sustainer Triumphantly Stands 

That's my alliteration of the meaning of the word TRUSTS!! Lately in our lives, this has been a time of putting this TRUST into practice.  Of course we trust the Lord and have seen Him lead us in our own lives and then we have children!  THEN  He also asks us to TRUST HIM with their lives. learning to pray for their hurts and spiritual journeys.  THEN they become adults and have children and He asks us to TRUST HIM with all their lives!! MORE TRUST!!   THEN your parents grow older and instead of them taking care of you, you are taking care of them and GOD asks you to TRUST HIM FOR THEM!! 

Hopefully, you get my point of how our circle of TRUST just get bigger and bigger !  This January, Jim, my husband and I have realized that ALL our children and our parents are in a transitional time of their lives: 3 families changing jobs and moving in the next few months , our parents facing physical challenges in this last year that affect their futures and this all affects their spiritual lives.  These transitional times are VERY EXCITING, but also VERY STRESSFUL and call on us to TRUST THE LORD!! 

We can't fix their transitions or change them or even know the future....but the LORD CAN and HE DOES KNOW their futures and HE is so  MUCH MORE interested and invested and working  in their spiritual lives and relationship with HIM...

so....our TRUST in not in HIS ANSWERS BUT JUST IN HIM!! 

And then when HE and HE ALONE BECOMES OUR TRUST,   WE ARE BLESSED!! My Total Reliance Understanding Sustainer Triumphantly Stands helps me as I pray for ALL MY CIRLCLE!!  So how does this help me?  Because no matter what the outcome, as I pray I have to TOTALLY RELY on MY SUSTAINER and I realize that NO MATTER WHAT HE, my and their sustainer will TRIUMPHANTLY STAND in each answer and life!! 

"Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD and whose trust is the LORD." Jeremiah 17:7 NASB

Vicki Smith


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