Every year, hundreds of women get together for a wonderful time of spiritual renewal, building friendships and developing a closer walk with God. We have retreats in English and in Spanish.  

2019 retiro De damas


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English-language Fall Retreat
September 13-15, 2019

Murrieta Hot Springs, CA
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Views from Vicki

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I wrote the thoughts below on August 16, 2018...we had learned two days before that my mom had a tumor that was causing her internal bleeding. Besides this emergency, the operation was high risk so we had waited for two days to strengthen her heart for surgery...this was written during the hour of her surgery, not knowing the outcome!

 “My times are in your hands….”

You never realize this more than when the time of your loved one is truly in God’s hands.

 As I kiss her cheek—every part of my heart yearns to protect her, to save her, but instead it is the kiss of realization that she goes completely in her and my Father’s hands (as we always are anyway, but these moments bring us to the true realization that HE is our beginning and end. HE is the one who holds our times in His hands to do as He pleases.)...and so my kiss is to say, “ I love you and leave you in our Father’s hands until I see you again”—not knowing where or when I will kiss her again, but whenever and wherever it is, it will be a kiss of hello—and it will be in HIS timing, in HIS hands. See you Mom…..

Vicki Smith


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Vicki and Jim Smith's book "Friends Forever."