March 2014 Newsletter


   As I write this, two storms are approaching with the potential to bring the biggest rains to Southern California since March of 2011. The first storm could bring 1 inch of rain and the second one a few days later could bring up to 2.5 inches or more in the foothills. That is 3.5 inches of rain. Sand bags line some streets, evacuation centers are prepared. For those reading this in other parts of the country, like where I used to live, you can't wait for the 67 inches of snow (Chicago) or 78 inches (Detroit) to melt. You're wondering, what's the big deal? Well, we just don't get this moisture very often. LA only had 3.6 inches of rain during last year's season running from July 1 to June 30. We need the rain, we want the rain, but we just are not always prepared for the rain. Traffic always seems the worst as well, people driving the same speed in the rain. Slow down. In some ways, churches are similar. We want guests to attend, we need guests to visit and enjoy their time at our church, but sometimes, we just are not always prepared. Is your signage adequate? Bathrooms clean? Friendly greeters at the door? And for those regular drivers through the church, with new people, you will have to expect a few delays due to increased people traffic. 

Looking forward to the rain.

Jim Smith
Executive Director

Pacific Church Network 

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