Lead Pastor - Montebello Christian Fellowship, Montebello, CA


Montebello Christian Fellowship is seeking to fill a lead pastor position. We are a body of believers who are loving, caring and trusting in God's will for our church. We are growing in the areas of prayer and small group ministry. The church is located about 15 minutes east of Downtown Los Angeles in a culturally mixed community of about 63,000.

Please apply for this position by visiting and clicking on the tab marked “Apply for Position.”

Job Description 


Pastoral Placement Forms

Some churches in the Pacific Church Network use a Pastoral Placement Form as a vital tool to assist them in this important ministry. We recognize that some have put together their own résumés for use in the churches, but the information we request is what some search committees may ask for, so we are able to make this available to you if interested.

*Please call us at 909-944-5900 if you have any questions.