Spring 2018


We welcome you to come to our Women's Spring Retreat which will be held at Calvary Chapel's Conference Center in Murrieta, California.



See what the Conference Center says...

We know that your daily life as a Christian is filled with busy schedules, commitments, and responsibilities. Take a break from the busyness and host your Christian Women’s Retreat at a Christian Retreat Center where you can re-charge, re-connect, and be renewed spiritually and physically.

Whether soaking in one of our natural hot springs, taking in the serene views of our lake, or strolling through our peaceful grounds, your women’s group will thoroughly enjoy the distance that Calvary Chapel Conference Center can offer from their everyday lives. Come find a new perspective as you hear from God and grow in closer fellowship with Him at Calvary Chapel Conference Center

Our center has specific weekends that are reserved just for Christian Women’s Retreats to give you the focus and attention you desire. Through worship, discussion, and reflection, your women’s group will learn from and connect with other women in new and meaningful ways designed just for them.
— http://www.mhsretreats.com/womens